Anybody like golf??


Which is more fun, disc golf or ball golf?

nope..its too boring.

Loose impediments?

Not a lot. Tennis is more fun for me.

Are plastic Golf Tees better the Wodden Tees?

No golf suck big time...

Each week i bet on the U.S.P.G.A. . am i the only person to do so. any tips for Western Open this week?


What is the best driver for high handicap golfers?

No. Too boring

Has anyone heard of the new Q-Link Pendant? Read about it in Golf for Women magazine.?

tiger woods does a lot pretty good to

How long do golf balls retain near new distance?

I hate golf. I have a fear of becoming a golfer. You know the overweight, stretchy pants, bad jokes, slick hair.

What is the best golf training aid for youth golfers?

how can anybody say they dont like golf. it is as relaxing as it gets. going out on a course when it is 70 degrees can not beat that. plus you do not have to be real athletic to play. just go out and have fun. but everyone is different.

What is the key to succes on the course?

I love it...and tennis.

How does jim furyk hit the ball so accurately even though his shaft plane is so vertical in the backswing?


How do i get the chance to play tiger woods 9 holes?


When putting...what is toe flow?

sometime it get me out of the house

What is a good golf course to play in Orlando?

Amazing, you posted the question in the golf category and lots of people say no!! I like.

What are the best golf courses in scottsdale, AZ?

yep. i've played for two years and placed in seven tournaments in the junior pga.

Who won Tiger Woods /Buick sponsered demo car?

Me, I love to play golf.

I'm having trouble getting my tee shot up in the air with my driver?

Yes Yes Yes I like it

Have you tried Taylor Made golf balls yet? Are they better than Titleist ProV1?

I LOVE playing golf, its the best darn sport out there. I really enjoy watching the pros on TV also!

I want to be a pro golfer but that is not realistic-so I'm considering opening up my own driving range?

I think it's great, but I don't play very much

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