Any reason why I have never gotten anyone to answer one of my questions?


How do I stop hitting the ball off to the right?

Why do you write questions no one wants to answer

I want to know how and where to enter a golf longest drive competition in the uk?


Tiger Woods, #1 yeeeeeeaaaaaaa, Go Tiger?

maybe they are stupid.

What is the best way to clean golf clubs?

when you're asking something it must captivate the reader or entice him or her to read and answer it. it's like marketing if it doesn't entertain you won't pay atention to it. make your question more enticing or attractive to people to answer.

Where can I buy a set of golf club in China?

because golf stinks. just my opinion

Why is Golf in the sports section?

Maybe, just maybe, no one knew the answers!

Rating on graphite shaft for golf clubs. anyone know something about( penley graphite shafts ) ?

Maybe because you find it necessary to answer other peoples questions with stupid answers and take up their time!

In golf, what does Index mean?


How many...?

Well you've got plenty for this one, Sir.

How do they film the overhead shots at golf tournaments?

probably wasn't interesting

Should Michelle Wie be allowed to compete with men on PGA tour events?


Tell me about tiger wood's education?

wha tis hte question?

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