Anyone else relise how good tiger woods really is. think about what he has accomplished.?


Which woods are better?

I have.He is the best in the game and will be the best ever.He has the best head in the game.I have never seen anyone pull off some of the most pressure shots in golf and he is just getting to the age in golf thats is supposed to be the prime age.I can`t imagine he will reliquish his top spot in golf for many many years.

Have any of you golfers got Real World Golf 2007 for the ps2?

in his website he said he will(always) aim for hole in one/birdie for par 3
birdie/eagle par 4
birdie/eagle/albatross par 5

Where is the best place to purchase golf equipment?

No, I'm sure that you are the only person on the planet that realizes how good Tiger is. Thanks for pointing that out to the rest of us.

Does eney one play golf here if so whats you handicap?

Tiger usually wins even if he has an off day or two in a tournament. When Tiger is motivated (and playing alone not on a team) it is almost impossible to beat him. Tiger has both the physical and mental abilities needed to play golf as well as it can be played. His dad provided much of the mental toughness.

- Jim at

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