A question for anyone that knows anything about golf?

does anyone know any good games me and a friend can play while we're at work ( i work at a driving range with my friend scott)?


Golf clubs...are the new square drivers any good? Why?

Tom Kite and Ben Crenshaw used to play a game to help improve bunker shots and chip shots. The first person hit the ball as close to the selected target without going past. The next person can't pass the other person's ball. So the shot keeps getting shorter until someone hit's it to far. The person will lose the bet

Where did the phrase "tee up a ball" come from?

or you could put scott out on the driving range and try and hit him.

What is the name of the golf game on entourage?

I played this one in Japan w/ my brother-in-law:

Pick 3 spots on the range; ie a flag that is 50 yards out, another 80 yards out, and a third 100 + yards out.

The game is to see who can land 3 balls near each flag the quickest.

You go in turns and have 5 balls each turn.

Burns the time quickly.

What's a good and cheap golf driver?

jsu see who can get to a yardage marker closest. 3 shots each.. work ur way up from the 100 then so on!

Is there a device that I can strap to my golf cart to take my infant son golfing too?

throw the ball at each other and practice catching...May be you may become a professional base ball player later

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