Whats the easiest way to straighen out your drive in golf?


Does anyone have a list of the entire field - Golf?

To me the easiest way would be adjusting the position of the ball in your stance slightly. If you slice it move it towards your front foot more so that the clubface gets turned more before you hit it if you hook it move it back a little so that the club face doesnt get that far turned before you hit it.

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Hit staIGHT.

What is a good starter golf club set?

don't swing in an arc across the body....or away from. Think parallel

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make sure your club face is perpendicular. Just before you strike the ball, hold your club up parallel to the ground at eye level and check the direction of the club face.

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try turning your club face in a little

New golf drivers?

Adjust your grip. Most slices are caused by a grip that is too weak. You should strengthen your grip until you notice a hook. Then you can make minor changes to straighten your shot. Grip is the key to straight shots in golf. Make sure you can see at least two knuckles on your top hand when gripping the club. Take a lesson or two. That would help a lot Good Luck and Good Golfing!

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do NOT turn your clubface. you will sacrifice distance greatly and it will hurt you in the long run. the biggest thing is if you're right handed, do not bend back your left wrist in your backswing. this is a very common mistake of beginners. it might feel wierd at first, but do it anyway, it helps hugely. and yeah, think parallel like that guy said

How do you keep from setting up with an open stance when addressing a golf shot?

My problem was with my "follow through". If you work on keeping your eye on the ball throughout your entire swing.and I mean your ENTIRE swing, your drive should show marked improvement. Mine certainly did. I now have one heck of a drive!

Now if only I could improve my short game..got any pointers for me there? ;-)

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the best way to get rid of a slice, if that is ur problem is to over emphasize coming inside out on ur swing, so like when u get to the top, almost drop ur hands straight down, and swing from the inside, to the outside, and opposite if you hook the ball

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keep your head still and look at the golf ball

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Get to the Pro really. Its too complicate to say if I don't see your swing.

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