Any advice for improving my golf skills?


Golf scenario?

Good answer tyler, simple, but it is true, just play without worry, i am going to use that, thanks.

some advice is what i always say to people, sort of like tylers answer, Just grip it and rip it. You cant overthink the game or it will kill you. If u are still having trouble try just using a half swing for a bit and just foucus on hitting the ball and not worry about where it goes.

good luck and have fun

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watch movies and practice practice practice.

He always misses the shot from the top of the key.?

watch videos, and just play golf like their is no tommorrow.

Has anyone tried this golf test panel advertisement on yahoo where you supposedly get a free Nike driver?

imho, once you've learned the basics, it's time to adapt the basics for your body style. make small adjustments until you get the results you want.

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May is free golf lesson month. Go to to sign up for a free lesson with a local PGA Pro. When you practice you have to practice the correct thing, so try the lesson first. Than you can go to improve your game. There are very detailed sections to help you out with anything your not sure about.
Good Luck

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practice makes perfect. spend lots of time in the driving range and play a round whenever you can... :)

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Spend more time with Pro in the range, driving the ball of course, and play lots more.

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