Is there a simple formula for calculating golf averages?

i need a formula to calculate avgs, for a handicap league. Do I need slope and course rating also? Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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A simple and free alternative: the Golf Digest Handicap - A Golf Digest Campaign: Get a Handicap - Brief Article
Golf Digest, August, 2003 by Dean Knuth
Editor's note: Dean Knuth served as the U.S. Golf Association's senior director of handicapping from 1981 to 1997 and has been a Golf Digest Contributing Editor for the past four years. Knuth developed the formula for the Golf Digest Handicap System outlined in this article at our request.

WITH THIS ISSUE Golf Digest is embarking on a campaign to encourage every golfer to get a handicap--preferably a USGA Handicap Index ( However, as a simplified alternative, I've developed a system you can access at that will calculate for you a Golf Digest Handicap you can use until you get a USGA handicap.

The Golf Digest System is easy to use, and it'll give you a good estimate of your current ability. The handicap it produces is fair and portable from course to course, and the system will be refined as more golfers sign up and data is collected.

The Golf Digest Handicap System does not use any elements of the USGA Handicap System, aside from the basic premise of allowing golfers of different abilities to compete fairly and equitably against each other. The USGA's Course and Slope Ratings will not be used, because those are the exclusive property of the USGA Handicap System that I developed. The Slope course handicap tables do not apply to Golf Digest Handicaps. The Golf Digest Handicap is not based on your average play, but on your average "potential" ability, which is consistent with all handicap systems throughout the world.

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add them up then divide by how many there are

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dick's has a free handicap tracker on their website.

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yes slope and course rating are essential. if one of your players post a score on a course that rates 70 and par is 72 you must deduct 2 stokes in relation to his real score vice versa for a slope or course rating that is 74 in relation to par which is most likely 72.

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Not really sure of what you mean.. over how many games... etc etc etc..Perhaps this might gives you an idea??

Let's assume your first eight scores are in cells A1 to H1. The average will be =SUM(A1:H1)/8. Put this formula into H2 then copy it into I2. The new formula will cover the range B1 to I1 automatically and will be an average of the eight weeks starting from B1

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Yea take the average of your scores. If you want slope and all then enter it into an online score card. yahoo use to have one. you can also download one.

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