I have a boyfriend who is into golf, he is a sweatheart but hw do i get him 2 spend time wit me than play golf

He is always playin golf everyday and sometimes on weekends but i like him alot.But when it rains he's with me and we have so much fun together and we make each other laugh bout anything and everything.I know i have to let him do the man things and yeah i do the girl things too.We always go out to dinner and then we go to his house after and we talk.He goes to college in August this comin school year and i'm goin to be in the 11th my parents love him and he is very rich so we have be together for awhile now and we hang out whenever and i do play golf with him with him and we sleep over at each others house we go to different schools i drive to mine and he drives to is and we meet up to eat at 12:00 to eat and then he goes play golf and i go to fastpitch softball so i what should i do to get him kind of out of golf when i'm not in softball? Help me please


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Join him start playing golf. You can start with a free golf lesson. Go to www.playgolfamerica.com to sign up for a free lesson from local PGA pro. Do not have you boyfriend teach you to play or that will be the end of the relationship.

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Make sure you keep him interested in other ways

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Talk to him about how much u need him to spend more time with u than he normally does.Dont persuade him to stop playing golf since it was already part of his lifestyle before u met him.I´m sure if he really loves u.He ´ll consider it.Good luck.

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get involved in his golf and maybe he'll get involved in your softball. Otherwise give him extreme sexual pleasure whenever you can. If he still doesn't spend more time with you stop hitting your head against a wall. Men like playing sports more than spending time with girlfriends or they don't lke their girlfriends enough.

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well...girl you spend a lot of time with him when hes with you and you meet for dinner and you describe him like he is everyday with you so i dont know what your problem is but see maybe it is his favourite sport so you should let him play and if you know that he loves you and if he proofs you that he loves you and if you know that he´s with YOU when u feel BAD and HE is THERE when you really NEED HIM then he is a good boy i think he got you and he loves you but he also loves golf and see you also play with him golf and let him play itz like other guys play basketball and he plays golf when he starts to tell you that he cant come to go out with you cause of his friends or golf and he says that everytime then u you better get rid of him itz hard but itz right coz you must have proud but if you know that he feels for you and always there for you then let him play and enjoy your time with him..give him this freedom to be alone with friedns somtimes, you kno and you will see you dont have to worry.:)

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offer to go with him and drive the cart. that way you can spend time with him and maybe you will even like the sport too!

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I am the same way in my relationship with my girlfriend. I play golf constantly. Multiple times, I have noticed that I do not give my girlfriend the time of day that is necessary and required for a relationship. One thing I did was to offer to go golfing with her. Whether it be she drives the golf cart, walks with me, or even hits a few balls of her own, doing the activity together is great.

Also, I think my girlfriend finally accepted the idea that golfing is a part of my life, as she is. If I was completely involved in academics, shouldn't she support me in what I do? But, instead of making a living answering questions and being an analyst of various topics, I have had the gift of playing golf very well and excelling at it at the collegiate level. So, what it comes down to is you have to accept that golf is a part of his life. I know it's hard to accept at first, but believe me, once you get past that, you're relationship with him will become much deeper and intimate.

Hope that helps and enjoy the beautful golf courses!

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Try to get him to spend time with you by telling him that it is important for a realtionship to work with communication. You should let him know that you feel about it and see how he responds. It should work!!

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you post this in the golf section and expect the people who peruse it - avid golf fans - to help you stop someone enjoying themselves playing golf? You're crazy!

"he is very rich so we have be together for awhile now" - sounds like you're a gold digger anyway, only staying with him forhis money, so don't expect anyone else to help you either!

And besides, from the rest of your ramblings it sounds like you already spend a LOT of time together, so give him a break.

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