A golf question.?

...when playing golf, is it within the rules to hold the putter very low on the shaft when putting? My brother-in-law holds his club one foot from the head of it to gain greater control. Is he cheating?



no...there is no rule... as long as he doesn't touch the ball with anything other than that club.

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It does not matter where he holds the putter. He also could use any club in his bag as a putter if his putter should brake or fogotten.

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He can do it or at least I could not find a rule that says you cannot do it

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It's not cheating.

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The only one rule about golf putting position is that you have you put both of your feet in the same side of the target line. You cannot put with your feet standing over the target line (a line from the hole to the ball). Otherwise, there's no rule, and holding the putter close to the club face doesn't give any added advantage. Let him be.

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ya. Sam Snead used to put like this but after winniing so much the R and A made it illegal.

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