Golf Set Materials - Which to Choose?

Beginner:Before purchase my 1st golf club set - not sure which type to choose? Hybrid/Steel/Graphite.what is the differences?


Irons: Blades or Cavity: Your opinion please.?

For a beginner probably the cheapest equipment. Here are the differences:

Steel- Steel is heavier and usually stiffer. The shaft won't move much during the swing.

Graphite- Graphite shafts are lighter but usually more flex able. If you don't have much swing velocity I would recommend them.

Type of golf Clubs
Hybrid- These clubs are shaped more like your woods which makes them slightly easier to hit.

Cavity Back- These irons have an indention in the back of the club. These clubs are more forgiving and better for beginners.

Blades- These irons don't have an indention in the back and are harder to hit solidly. I would recommend them only for better players.

What does everybody think about the slazenger big ezees are they worth there money?

i got my brother a graphite 11.5 driver for £6 so il go for that but it depends how much u play and how much you have to spend

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