Anyone know about night golfing in Wisconsin?

looking for places to go in the milwaukee area if possible


Can someone please explain the golfing terms of where a birdie and eagle and albatross come from.?

Hey im from Wisconsin, I live in Milwaukee...Ive done night golfing before. You may want to check out local county or city owned courses because those will sometimes offer night golfing. Now are you talking about actual lights or are you talking about playing with glow ball? If you are talking about lights, I dont know of any. but if you are talking about glow ball golf, just go out to any generally unprotected course and play it!

Can someone explain why Furyk recd less $ than Garcia and Tanihara in the British Open even tho he fin higher?

is that the cheesy way of saying cow tipping ??

I need dimensions on the path of a golf swing?

this is a way cheesea games

If you are going down to Myrtle beach to play golf- would you rather stay in MB, north MB , or surfside?

Night golf isn't huge in the Upper Midwest. I think you'll have a tough time with this question. Also, Wisconsin sucks, but Milwaukee is an okay city.

I am a left handed golfer with a bad slice when i pull the driver, any suggestions?

Wisconsin, sucks, you should move anyway! I think most people that would golf at night there would be quite bad!

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