Anybody know the name of that hot blond female golfer?

random I know, but I saw her in something a few weeks ago and can't remember her name... she's pretty young and not super famous


Do you get annoyed whan people post a question about golf's credibility as a sport?

Natalie Gulbis!! did a great spread for FHM

Are there any Skateboarding companies that make any kind of golf gear?

Cristie Kerr
or Natalie Gulbis
or Anna Rawson
or Jill McGill

hope these helped...

Is the U.S. Ryder Cup underdogs?

Or yeah, that one...

What kinds of golf tournaments are there?

Paula Creamer

What company is the best?

Natalie Gulbis

How do you set up a golf scramble?

Natalie Gulbis or Paula Creamer

I'm five nine, should i get a 33" 34" or 35" conventional putter?

Yeah, Natalie Gulbis or Paula Creamer.

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