Any golf tips on best make of ball to reduce slice?


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Don't use too much power to drive the ball

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Try hitting the ball squarely.

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precept laddie

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try reducing the plane of your swing. instead of picking the club straight up try bringing the head of the club more behind your shoulder. ball has really nothing to do with it.

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Make of ball has NO effect on amount of slice. If you want to reduce slice firty try turning the toe of the club face to 11:00 rather than at 12:00 (which is a straight-on address.) When you swing the club around your club face will then be pointed towards the LEFT a little bit and that often corrects the way the club face meets the ball. By the time you swing it around and it strikes the ball it should be about straight anyway.

Good luck.

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There is no make of ball. The best thing for you is to get a Lesson. And PRACTICE, PRACTICE PRACTICE!!!! and Then Practice.

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If yr right handed, turn the head of your club to the left, just a touch; or vice versa if you are a lefty

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Move the ball a little bit to the front at address.

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Unfortunately is not the ball and it's not the club. Best way to fix a slice is to fix the swing! Look into a lesson or 2 from a golf pro-it's worth it.

Start with the correct grip and during your downswing at impact turning your wrists over and keeping your head still. Easier said than done.

Most slicers don't not turn their wrists. One drill is to address the ball like a normal drive and then take a knee to the ground (left knee if you are right-handed). Then try addressing the ball like normal than taking your left foot and stepping back - like an open batter's stance.

Good luck - a bad day at the course always better than a good day at work!

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