Anyone have a set of Nike Ignite Irons?

Looking at purchasing 3H, 4-PW and wondering if anyone else has the same and how do they like?


It's the Ryder Cup,and the U.S. is getting their azz kicked again! What's Up With That??

I just bought these clubs about a month ago. I'm on the high school golf team so i mite not be as experienced a golfer you were looking for but these clubs have greatly improved my distance. Also the forgiveness is pretty decent. The hybrid is one of the best hybrids i have ever felt. I shoot in the low 80's if that helps you at all.

Is golf the greatest sport ever?

I was able to hit some of them the other day and liked them.

I shot 90 at a par 64 course yesterday, if I do that everytime, what would my handicap be?

i hit them at a demo day they were alright but i liked the Nike CCi better

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