Has anybody used the new cobra golf club ? what is it like?


I want to buy my mother a driver, she doesnt golf much and isnt very good... what kind should i get her?

It's a good club but you should go to the company web site to find the next demo day in your area. That way you can get the company rep to fit you and you get to hit the club before you buy it.

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I have! I like it..but I hit it just as far as last years model so im sticking with that...it has nice feel and if i had it hit 10 yards farther i would have bought it.

Is it quite strange if I play golf alone in the course?

can't say i have. sorry.

Spanish golf phrases?

one of my playing partners has it, says its better than last years speed series but thats just one opinion, you should to demo a couple of them so you know for yourself what they feel like...good luck!

What is the best golf course?

Just demoed the F/9.0 SpeedLD at my local range yesterday. Excellent club! I swing a Comp454 and love the thing but find that i can do no wrong with the SpeedLD. Strait and long. I find that i get much more roll with this club, which is what i prefer.

Tee it high and let it fly!

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