Anyone know about Golf Societies?

I've been a member of a golf society for well over 2 years, and was curious whether or not we should have held an AGM or similar in this time? I'm also curious about the fact that the society should have quite a substantial amount of money in the bank, however, there has been no mention of accounts from the people who run it - should these be published annually?


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i think the members should be able to know much is in the bank

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In general, most Golf Societies are simply a bunch of guys getting together to enjoy each others company and play friendly competitive golf. However, there are also other societies which have a proper constitution and are run on more a more formal basis. I have been a member of both types and the latter had elected (or voluntary) officials but the former ran just as well but was in fairness much smaller. I would suggest the rule of thumb would be that if there was a large sum of money involved over a season-say £500-£1000 then it needs both a constitution and a treasurer but as far as I am aware, there is no legal necessity for such.

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if you have monthly meetings for members the treasurer should tell members how much is spent and taken in per mo. he should tell what is left in bank as balance. if not look for another club.

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Societies generally form because a bunch of friends want to play regular organised golf with a bit of competition thrown in. These societies can be made up of club members or non members or a mixture of both and you will probably play on the same course for most of the year. Subs are normally paid to the person who is the safest bet to hold on to a few bob, with a view to playing for prizes at an away course which the organiser will book maybe six months in advance. The society can be big or small but normally not less than eight and if you don't want to get too complicated, keep the upper limit to 40. Subs are normally £2 to £4 per week, so using the £4 a week sub for 48 weeks, the kitty can have between £1536 and £7680. Even if you don't turn up you would normally have to pay. This makes it very fair for the day/s out when everyone can then play for all/any prizes on offer.

It should be a great time for all pals but you can get the awkward ones who want everything but are not prepared to do anything to help. I did the books for a society for 10 years, during which time we had fantastic days out and mighty craic. It can be brilliant but be wary, it must always be kept open and above board. At anytime, any member can ask to look at the accounts and must be shown. If you want more info email me at

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