"Double"? for you?

Yamaha{ inpressX} exchange speed cobra. I bought inpress last year , used just 2times, now selling half the price to get speed cobra.


Where can i download a good golf game? If possible for free?


Anyone wanna buy a set of golf clubs?-slightly wet just fished out the water hazard at 18th hole in Lichfield?


OK you golf fans?

Wow just use Ebay.

Who can tell me how to buy golfballs wholesale from the big names?

Can i exchange it for a 1000cc honda letter box ?

Golf swing question!?

hoe much you selling it for

Golf courses in clevland, Ohio?

That's nice.

Best way to be kicked off a golf course?

u r right

What is the meaning of the word "handicap" in golf and how is measured?

you should be answering questions to make points or you will never leave level 1

and if you are in this section than you have to ask questions ,
this does not look like a question ,but is more of a statement

this is in fact breaking the rules and nasty particular people could report you for that
luckily I am a nice guy .even though i am not good at answering questions(7649 so far) according to you ,how many have you answered

How do i remove a golf shaft without damaging the shaft?

you don't trust eBay but you trust strangers on message boards? this sounds legitimate!

Ryder Cup 5-3.List of individual points per person?

I am not familiar with this golf club. By two times was that two swing or two full rounds? How far can you hit them? Steel or Graphite? Half Price sounds fair,

What are some golf courses that prohibit or restrict women from playing or joining?


Who is the best golfer: Tiger Woods ,Phil Mickelson, or Vijay Singh?

could you write so everybody understands your question

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