Any tips on how to play golf?

Can anybody give me some basic tips on how to play golf?


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If you're new to the game and want to save a lot of time, money and aggravation, spend some money and take a lesson from a certified instructor. Videos and instruction aids are best to correct minor flaws and improve on specific techniques but if you are a beginner you need to develop some basic fundamentals in your swing that will be the foundation for your golf game for the rest of you life. If you ask a teaching professional why most amateurs will never be good golfers most will tell you that amatuers develop poor swing mechanics early on which prove to be extremely difficult to correct later and thus limit how good they can ever become.

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GO rent a video from hastings, borders or amazon- and then- practice, practice, practice-D

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the best way is to practice what feels natural... go to a local driving range and hit a bunch of balls... don't be affraid to ask questions to others that are hitting good... most of us are willing to help, unless we are in a hurry... and remember that easy does it... don't try to kill the ball, try to aim it...

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Grip it and rip it man!
Hit the ball as hard as you can off the tee and use magic touch around the green. Hold your breath when you swing too, and grit your teeth. Dont forget to throw a club every now and then to show how much better you should be playing...

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Forget "rip it and grip it"! Get a couple of lessons and use the advise wisely esp when it comes to your grip which is everything!. As another post said.dont be afraid to ask others that r better than u at the driving range. Most WILL help. Just another tip...dont be scared to place another club on the ground in the direction u want to go. This is how u learn how to line up for your approach shots. Good Luck and Good Golfing... :)

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Boy, there are so many tips related to golf, but a lot of them have to do with specific situations. Here are four of the basic ones I use.

1. Don't sway or shift your body side-to-side too much during your swing, probably the most common problem I see with beginners. The swing is mostly a circular motion, with power deriving from the uncoiling of the shoulders relative to the hips, and the snapping of the club through the ball through the wrists. Your legs will bend and straighten during your swing, and there's a shift in weight balance during the swing, but don't try to use your legs to give yourself more power or you'll end up shifting too far forward and topping the ball. The head should stay pretty much in place relative to the ball position. That is, your head should end up in the same position on contact, not much forwards or backwards, as it was during the start of your swing. If your head is too far forward, then you're probably shifting your body too much.

2. Keep the wrists loose, like a hinge. Your club head should snap like a whip into the ball, and to do that, you can't have too much tension in the wrists.

3. With your irons, you want to make sure you're making contact while the club head is still on its downward trajectory. I see too many beginners trying to "scoop" the ball up into the air with their irons, resulting in a hit off the bottom edge of the clubhead (blading the ball), which causes the ball to skim across the ground. By making sure you hit the ball on the downward arc of your swing, or at the bottom of your swing, and trying to take a little divot, you have a greater chance of making contact on the face of the club, which is how you'll get the ball up in the air. You let the face of the club do the work since it's naturally angled. It sounds a little counterintuitive, but you hit down on the ball to get it up in the air. The only time you want to hit while the clubhead is moving upwards is when your ball is teed up (first shot of each hole and your ball is sitting on a tee).

4. On the downswing, start slowly and accelerate through the ball. The imagery I like to use is to imagine there's a cinderblock wall right in front of the ball and my goal is not to hit the ball off the wall, but to flatten it against the wall with my club. That helps me get the right acceleration, keeps my body from swaying too far forwards, and get my clubhead back square again on contact.

When you're finally ready get on an actual course, play with someone who's experienced so they can teach you golf etiquette (link below).

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Purchase a book on the fundamentals then ask around to find the right professional. You can't just start playing, you have to learn the grip, stance, address, the take away, the swing, the follow through. Before you get on the course learn golf etiquette.

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Get some lessons and practice. Golf clubs should be right for you not to stiff, long, short, whippy. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Practice,practice,practice.

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