Advantages & disadvantages of setting-up a golf course?

Im an architecture student. I'm making a feasibility study on constructing a golf course. I just wanna know the "pros and cons" or "the advantages and disadvantages of constructing a golf course" to its surroundings and community. Thanks to the people who have time to read this question, especially to the ones who will answer questions... : ]


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1. Golf courses preserve green spaces that might otherwise be developed into housing, etc.
2. Homesites that front on golf courses yield a higher profit to the developer than regular homesites.
3. If designed sensitvely and managed properly, they can contribute to environmental protection
4. If careful market analyses are conducted, they can prove to be profitable business ventures.
5. They typically generate far less automobile traffic than what would be generated by developing the land for commercial or residential uses.


1. They can be insensitively designed and managed, leading to environmental harm (pesticides, fertilizers, destruction of wetlands, etc.).

2. The green space they provide is normally private, available for enjoyment only to residents of the development and/or users of the course.

3. There is no guarantee that a golf course will remain successful forever, and they sometimes go bankrupt and get sold to developers who load up the site with new homes. Then the original homeowners who once paid a premium to live on a golf course have lost the amenity they paid for.

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