Do golf shoes really make that much of a differnece?

Question:I just got some golf shoes (my first pair ever) and when I am using them on the course, they don't seem to be making a diffence from my normal running shoes that I'd previously been using.

I was watching the Golf Channel one time and some old pro who always used metal spikes was forced to use soft spikes at some tournament. He said that he was literally slipping and sliding during his swing.

I'm not sure, do they?


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If the ground is dry it might not make much difference.

When it is wet is when you will noticed the difference.

I wear Foot Joy brand Dry Joys or E Comfort shoes with Black Widow soft spikes in them.

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yes they do, theyre actually pretty cool

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yea they do. They help your grip between the ground, which in turn helps your stance, and THAT helps your swing. =)

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Just wear your football boots, Im sure they will do the same thing!

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anything that will refine your performance is a necessity. Like gloves and a sun visor, golf shoes are a necessity.

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The idea in the swing (for a right hander) is for your weight to transfer from evenly distributed to mostly on the right at the top of the backswing and the virtually all of it to your left foot during the downswing. If you are doing that you need your feet to be stable. I just bought a pair of Adidas 360. Best I've ever had.

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the shoes do make a difference..

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i think golf shoes fit to the taste of the golfer, some shoes are more comfortable than others, so it is all in your opinion.

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