Any one can tell where to buy MEDERMA in the phil? and how much....10 points?


What's inside a Golf ball?

I'd check with the better retail stores...or your local pharmacy may be able to get it for you.

How can I find all the list of golf shop in CA.?

I might be able to answer if you would explain a little more

What is considered a good score in golf, if par is a usual 72?

Sorry can't help you. I need a little more information.

I need to find out more info on an antique autographed golf ball.?

phil mickelson has man boobs and should NEVER wear a mock shirt. its disgusting.

How is the cut set at the masters?

Do you have a wal-mart, target, or local pharmacy?

You can also buy some over the internet and it costs about $13-$15 per tube, but it is a small tube and the directions say to apply 3-4 times per day and requires like 2-3 months to be effective. That could get real expensive.

Onion is 1 of the ingredients and I heard just using a purple onion every night produces the same results. Seriously.

How do I generate a more consistent golf swing?

i might be able to help if u tell me wat MEDERMA is...

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