9 hold golf course tee time management?

Question:I'm trying to get advice on how best to develop a daily tee sheet that will help to manage and avoid confusion on the first tee of a 9 hole golf course. Any suggestions on optimal amount of time to allocate for 9 holes.
Or any other ideas on how to avoid congestion on the first tee when groups are making the turn after the first 9 holes. Also is there an optimal number of minutes between tee times to help avoid congestion.
Any other creative ideas on how to avoid conflicts as groups are trying to tee off on time.


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9 holes should be a little longer than 2 hours,8 minute between tee time,group making turn get first right to tee,but than have to pay a had of time,and thy should be on the list to tee off about 2or so hours

Golf Lessons?

on the tee time have the group that just play nine go between the groups on the tee maybe in high traffic days allow 10to12 minute between tee time

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Depending on the length of the course and difficulty it should take roughly 2 hours for a foursome to play 9 holes. So from the time the first group tees off in the morning you have a two hour window to get other groups off before the first ones start wanting to go around again. If you put the tee times at 6 minute intervals for the first two hours of the day and then 15 min intervals between new tee times after that you should have room to move those making the turn in between first starters. Some of your people who play the first 9 will not be playing the second 9 so you will have room to move groups up or put in additional groups as needed. This also creates some time between the 9's for the earlier groups to grab a bite to eat before they are able to start on the second 9.

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9 holes should take a max of two hrs and 15 mins. Traditionally on making the turn, you simply alternate foursomes. If you start space your groups 7 or 8 mins apart, that should be enough even for the hackers.

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