1996 SI For Kids Tiger Woods Card?

Back in 2001, this card's popularity was at its peak and was selling for ridiculous amounts of money. I have one in my possesion but have never gotten around to having it graded. So I decided to do some research and found out that apparently SI For Kids mailed several letters to grading companies asking to cease grading on this card because it was never intended to be a collectible. Does anyone know if this card can be graded now, or is there some sort of "liftime ban"? I'd like to know how much I can get for it also, if possible...


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I would call some grading companies (PSA, BGS) and find out if they do grade the card or not. As far as its worth, that always depends on the interest in the card and the grade of the card.

If you want to get a ballpark idea, I would look on ebay to see how much the card is selling for. I took a look and someone is selling one for 9,600.00. But, that is in perfect grade. Others are going for 500-1000 in good but lesser grades. Good luck.

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See if they can grade it. It dont hurt to try

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