Any golfers out there? What are the best golf balls to buy for my husband?


What is the best way to get tickets to the US Open (golf)?

If price is no object Titleist Prov V 1's are absolutely the best hands down expect to pay in th $50+ range (per dozen).
You can't go wrong with callaway HX tour or Nike One also in the expensive range.
Titleist NXT tour are pretty good and a little more affordable In the $35 range.
Top flite strata offer a more affordable alternative.

How much time will you spend on practising short game and long game in the driving range?

Forget the hype - SLAZENGER are the best.

Whats an elezabethan miniature golf course?


Where is the website of the company that handles the handicap system for the Philippines?

deffinately go with the nike super soft and low spin golf balls, they are easy to hit and have a little more controll for recreational golfers.
(your welcome!)

Anyone know of a golfer by the name of Craig Orr (History of golf)?

callaway warbirds. the best.

Lost the golfing desire?

i like callaway

Disc golf layouts?

Golf balls are like everything else. Just as each of us is different, so is the ball each person will play well. If he is an avid golfer who is of advanced skill, he may want a Pro V1 Titleist ball. They cost more but provide the golfer with better feel and control. Similar balls are the Nike One, Hogan or Callaway HX. If he is just someone who goes out for fun, then it really does not matter. You can pick up balls really cheap at Walmart. I would ask a professional at a local golf shop if you are not sure . They would be glad to assist you.

What is sss in golf?

Nike golf balls and Tiger Woods golf balls.

Rating on graphite shaft for golf clubs. anyone know something about( penley graphite shafts ) ?

Tough question, some golfers, like me, can be very particular about which balls we play. Try sneaking into his golf bag and see what brands he's got now. If he's playing a Titleist NXT or DT Solo, treat him to some Pro V1's ... If he's a Callaway man, playing Warbirds (which are nothing but Top Flites dressed up), treat him to some HX Tour's (Black Box). If he's playing Nike's ... Go for the top of the line Nike One (Black or Platinum).

If in doubt, a 3 piece ball is ALWAYS better than a 2. Just look on the back, the box should either tell you, or show you a picture of how the ball is constructed.

Oh yeah, if he's into the latest thing on the market ... Get him Taylor Made (that's a brand name) Balls.

List the top 10 players in the 2006 Players Championship in America this year?

Definitly nike!

What do you think of Gary Player's comment that they need to change the ball because it ruined the Open.?

Titleist Pro V1x.
Alternately, click on the site below.

Golf swing tools?

Golf Balls in order best to good to worst.

1.Titleist pro v1
2.callaway hx tour one
4.titleist nxt tour
5.callaway hx hot
6.titleist dt solo
7.maxfli noodle
8.callaway warbird
Stay away from all Top Flite!

Who likes frisbee golf?

look in his bag to see what he has. if he is particular, then get him the same thing. if you are wanting to treat him to something nice and he's not particular, i would recommend any of the Titleist balls. They are the No. 1 brand played by professionals and any weekend golfer likes to say he's playing a Titleist.

Does a ball really make a difference in golf?

personaly for the money I like precept balls.
Go for the 3 piece precepts!

Were you as upset as I was about the EDS Byron Nelson?

most would say PRO V1 from titlest but that's just because they are the most expensive ($50 per dozen).

Get him Noodles by Maxfly. They are cheap and good. $11 at Target

Im looking for a yonex golf hat?

If you know his club head speed, you can go to and pick the proper ball.

I found these fit me the best.

I the Nike Sumo as good as they say?

Titlest Pro V1

How to chip a golf ball consistently?

Only your husband can tell you what is best for him. It's a personal choice. Golf balls can get pricey but that doesn't mean the higher the price the better the ball. I used Nike, Cal, Pro V and all the others and its usually the mid price ball that I like the best. Keep what i said in mind, it a preference. The game of golf is pricey enough with out spending a bunch of cash on balls that may get lost and end up in some other bag.

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