Anyone like tiger woods?


Anyone help please?

he is my favorite golfer

Golf equipment?

Don't like golf much but I seen him in real person and he is really nice he actually smiled and winked at me. That proves how a nice guy he is.

Will Michelle Wie qualify US open 2006?

He has some things that remind me of a very dear person to me... so yes, I really do like him.

Where is the best golf course in asia?

no, there isn't anyone like him...oh, you mean do I like him? you of the greats of the game! and for a golfer, pretty nice on the eyes, too...

but my forever favorite will always be the late Payne Stewart...a handsome, kind and talented man...lost so tragically young!

Who are some importers of clone golf clubs?

i think hes a pretty good golfer

How can I distract an opponent during a (golf) game and not be disqualified?

What's not to like? The man is a class act both on and off the golf course. I met him during the invitational at Poipu, Hawaii.
A nicer more unassuming gentleman you will never meet.

Where can I find golf shirts with sponsors logo like the pros wear?

Tiger is the man, he is amazing.

What is the standard length for a sand wedge?

He's not my favorite golfer, but I like him on video games, because he kicks flippin butt!

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don't like golf, don't think it should be in a SPORT category. But have no opinion on Tiger Woods, good or bad.

What's a good but inexpensive golf club brand?

No I dont like him. He makes golf boring.

I'm always shanking the ball...why?

ya, he is talented and many people like to see him play golf.

I need to know the bounce angle of a Titleist 804 OS plus 60 degree lob wedge?

What's not to like? He plays well, he's fair, he is highly respected by his peers, he has done more for the game than anyone in history. And he is a joy to watch.

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