In golf,one under par is a birdie,two under par is an eagle,3 under par is an albatross,what is 4 under par?

This is a genuine question and yes it is the equivilant of getting a hole in one on a par 5. and it has only ever been done twice. once in the 70's and again in the early 90's.


8 golfers to play 4 rounds in 2 groups of 4. Can it be done so each golfer plays everyone else at least once?

What is a hole-in-one on a par-5 called? "Condor" is sometimes recognized as the "proper" term, but triple-eagle and double-albatross are also correct.

Tiger Woods or Micheal Jordan? In each one of their primes.?

would just be a hole in one or an ace

Looking for a matrix to make a random golf league schedule?

a miracle, .. or a hole in one

How is a Handicap calculated and what does the course slope and rating mean??

a dodo. or a emu. maybe a duck.
don't know but a good shot to get it.

Santateresagolf,com don't have any discount coupon. i need web site for 50% free discount coupon.?

I Don't Know there aren't many par 5's

How many dots are on a golf ball?

divine intervention!!

Seriously, its such a rare event I don't think it has ever been given a name.

What was the Hoo Ha about Monty moving his ball in a tournament?

A fluke?

I stop playing for years and now I have the biggest slide/slice, it turns to the right in mid air?

how on god's green earth would you get a hole in one on a par five? i would love to see that! not even happy gilmore could do it! but you keep trying and so will i... love to golf!

Did fred couples get divorced from thais?

Hole in one, but I think nobody in the world can get a hole in one in Par 5, only if you can drive 500 yards

Which Cleveland Halo Hybrid is the best one?

double eagle

I am going to Tampa Florida in January and want to play a round of golf at a nice course - any suggestions?

A double eagle is what i have heard, that is what our country clubs pro was saying, we were joking about miracles and he said a hole in one on a par 5, so i guess this solves it

Men-only golf courses?

Double Albatrosses, or triple Eagles. Personally, I would call it a Tyrannosaurus.

What is a good set of instructional dvd's for a beginning golfer? and where can i get them?

a thing you have to remember is there are par six's in the world.

Lately I have been "shanking" the ball (hitting off the hosel). Don't know how or why but I cant fix it. help

An ace on a par five would be called a good shot.

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