I'm a beginer and seeking a good club set in a reasonable price. I found this one: "PRINCE LADIES DELUXE HYBRID GOLF CLUBS SET", about $300: Is Prince a good brand for golf?


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you would be better off going to e-bay or somewhere and buying a higher end brand (callaway, nike, titelist) for a lower cost. when you begin.. you don't need BRAND new clubs. you just need clubs so that you can get a feel for the game. i tried prince clubs when i started and i started with my cousin who was using her moms callaway clubs. the princes may seem like good clubs and may hit well but... they wear VERY easily. i ended up going and getting new clubs since i liked the game. so i spent an extra $350 that i could have had. since you are just a beginner and you aren't sure about how to play and that type of thing... buy some off e-bay (they have really good deals... that is where i sell all my used clubs) and then when you decide this is what you want to do and have a good feel for the game... then you go out and buy some really good clubs.
i hadn't heard of prince EVER until i went shopping for clubs and 3 of my cousins are golf pros and my dad works in the golf business, he owns a company that manages golf courses. so... no i would not reccomend the prince clubs.
i wish you good luck and e-mail me if you have any questions!!

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go to ebay you find a good set for a better price I never heard of prince golf clubs before and I used to work in a pro shop also go to

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You have just found yourself the best deal in golf! I have a Prince set and it is great! And I've tried the 2,000 dollar sets, those are just a tad better.

Please, buy the pri nce set, you'll love it!

They are made from the same materials as the very expensive clubs so they are of the same quality, you won't be dissapointed.

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