Anybody a golf club superintendent if so could you tell me how to get started on the career path thanks?


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I attended the San Diego Golf Academy and it is NOT where you want to go if you want to become a Superintendent, it's for people who want to operate clubs as head pros or golf directors. So that being said...

These days a high level of education is expected from any canidate for a Superintendant job, and usually a B.S. in Agronomy-Turf Management; there are several universities that offer courses specific to this field. Among them are Delaware Valley College, Louisiana State University, Purdue University, North Carolina State and many others (see links below) just search "agronomy golf".
After getting your education you will find a job as an apprentice Superintendent, which usualy pays 35 - 40K a year, and after 3-5 years you'll be able to get a job as a head Super, some of which command up to 100K a year.

hope this helps, and good luck in you career!

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I was rummaging around doing some golf school research and found that there are two year degreed schools out there. Similar to a JC, at the end of two years you can have an associate degree in a golf management related occupation. Below is the one I saw in San Diego; San Diego Golf Academy.

There must be more elsewhere in Calif or Florida.

Also have seen superintendent courses but forget where that was.

Subsequently found an article on superintendent instruction and what appears to be the superintendent association.

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