What golf course’s fabled “Amen Corner” wraps around Rae’s Creek?


Who is the player in the pga tour logo?

Augusta National

How do you get "air" under the ball?

The home of the Masters - Augusta National

Did Nick Faldo play Han Solo.in Star Wars...?

Yea, ask us a tough one! Of course it's Augusta National.

What are the differences between different golf clubs?

That's Augusta National, home of the Masters. I'll be standing right next to it in a couples of weeks.

Where can I find a good quality golf wallpaper for my desktop?

Augusta National, why are so many people asking this question?

How much damage is caused to the natural habitat when a golf course is built?


Any golfers out there?

Augusta National Golf Club.

Anyone else think Paula Creamer is gorgeous?

Yes Augusta National, site of the Masters. The course Bobby Jones built and Tiger will own all records at soon enough.

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