Any suggestions on what to do/bring to best enjoy a PGA tournament live?


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Everything is high priced so bringing water is good, Dress right for weather and walking. Get there a little early and spend a Little time by the driving range, always a lot of fun. Walk around some and find you a spot that has the best angle for the most shots. Example - When sitting around a green make sure you facing the players so you can follow the shot. Some of the sits are at a angle everyone has to stand up and turn to the side to see. You want to see bunker shot pick out a green with a lot of bunkers Par 3's are nice because you can see every shot. You get their late and can't get by the green drive to get a good position to see drive land and see them hit the second shot.

Want to see one of the big name players, find a good spot one to hole ahead of them and wait. That is the only way you can see the up close. You can try to see them every other hole. NOTE: Tiger Woods has a lot of people inside the ropes that will get in front of you.

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to bring - sunscreen, a hat, an umbrella (if allowed) for shade or rain, a small camping or beach chair, and cash for beer and food.

what to do - i do one of two things when attening a PGA tournament.
1) pick a group of golfers to follow, and walk the entire 18 with them
2) stake out a nice spot (hopefully by a tree for some shade, or on a hill for a better view) near one of the greens, just sit back and relax and wait for the groups to play the hole.

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BRING: Hat, map, marker, sunscreen, good walking shoes
DO: Follow a couple of your favorite players, go to the range, try to get autographs, take pictures (when allowed), see the winning player on last hole/playoff.

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