Anyone having problems with Cleveland CG4 irons rusting?

Question:I bought a set of Cleveland CG4 irons in December 2006 and am noticing that some of the clubs are already displaying signs of rust on the faces. Has anyone else run into this? I'm afraid to use a metal bristle brush to try and brush the rust off for fear of ruining the finish and just inviting more rust.

I wipe the irons down at the end of most rounds with a damp rag, but that's it.

Thanks for your help!


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if they rust they make the ball spin more, and dont have as much sidespin on them. u will hit it straighter. so why complain

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If it is a surface rust,you can use autosol metal polisher to clean it.Do not use a damp rag because water will make rust
from bad to worst.

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Dr.Golf is right

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Do what Dr. Golf said. And if that doesn't help... if you know the pro at a golf course or country club go talk to him (even if your not a member) and see if he knows what might be wrong. or, he might be able to send them back to cleveland. that is what they do for my family when we have a problem with the club or if we break a driver.
good luck!!

Do Golf Clubs (Irons) lose some of their performance characteristics over time? (i.e. Loss of distance, etc.)?

It's intended that they do rust,especially the wedges.

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