What are stapleford rules in golf?


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The actual term is Stableford.

To play Stableford, you need to know handicaps for each player.

You also need to use the Stroke Index (SI) on each hole of the course. The SI indicates the difficulty of each hole, 1 being the hardest, 18 being the easiest.

Combine the two factors; this means that if you have a handicap of 15, you get an extra stroke on SI holes 1-15. If you have a handicap of 19, you get two extra strokes on SI 1 and one stroke on SI 2-18.

Stableford points are awarded on the basis of this handicapping:

Two points for a par, one point for one over. If you do better than your handicap par you receive three points for one under, four points for two under, and so on.

Players who exceed their own par by two strokes receive no points and wipe the hole. The player has the option of picking up their ball and starting all over on the next hole. At the end of the round, all points scored are added for each nine holes and totaled for the eighteen. The player with the most points is declared the winner.

The stableford competition has one major advantage, it means you can have one or two bad holes, and compensate for them during the other holes. A good guide for stableford is that 36 points for 18 holes will mean you have played to your handicap.

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It is stableford and it is a points system based on the relation of the score to par. A par counts 0, A birdie 1, a bogey -1 and so on. The International PGA tournament uses a modified Stableford scoring system where par is 0, birdie 2, eagle 5, double eagle 8,bogey -1 and double bogey or worse -3.

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it is a point scoring system. 3 point's for a birdie. 2 point's for par. 1 point for bogey. depending on you're handicap. for example if you birdie a hole where you are stroking you get 4 point's. you par a hole you are stroking at you get 3 point's a bogey at a stroking hole you get 2 point's.

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The stableford rules are explained in the attached weblink.


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