***HELP: Info on Singapore Golf Tournament 2007, 29th April.?

Question:need some ASAP help on the upcoming event: Golf Tournament 2007, on 29th April 2007.
Buddies, who are well verse in this subject, pls do provide me with as much info as possible.. i need that asap for my projects and research.


0) Who are the main organisers/sponsors/supporters...
1) Where is it gonna be held?
2) How big and important is this event?
3) What's the est nbrs of people joining?
4) What's the est nbrs of people going for this event?
5) Who are the vip(s) going except Goh Chok Tong?
6) What time does the event starts and ends?
7) Any events held there or roadshows held there on that day itself?
8) Who are the famous golfers involved?
9) Any restrictions/rules/terms/condi... on entry or etc?
10) Pls provide me with additional informations if i missed out any.. TKS!

Thank you guys & babes so much! Very appreciated! *hugs*


Who is the most payed golfer?

i can't find any that date, i found out that asm 2007 will be held in oct 2007

the closest one is here:

15 Apr 2007 SGA Inter-Club League 2007 - 5th & Final LegTanah Merah Country Club
25 Apr 2007 4th National Ranking Game
Warren Golf & Country Club

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