How to correct my swing?

I'm having trouble driving with wood no.1. Always top the ball. I've been working with it for 4 weeks now and my teaching pro cannot help much. (With irons there is no problem.)


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Ok my friend, what you are doing is finishing the swing to early, be patient while reading the following, the drive is a longer swing, hence longer arm swing and so on. You are lifting the club up to early with your hands causing the arc to go straight in the air to the backswing causing you to come down so steep your only move is up with shoulders and in with hands, classic topping the ball and or open clubface shank right move, verses the proper DOWN and through you should move. Your irons are ok because a shorter swing allows a steeper arc on the take-a-way. Not saying it is correct, but it allows it. I lift the club in a steep arc with my irons when I am in really high rough, but I really concentrate on down and through on the downswing with that high arc at the beginning, if I don't disaster is the result. So lengthen your swing arc on the take-a-way to low and away, hence promoting Down and through on the follow-through. this will also give you more SPACE and TIME to get through the ball. When you lift the club up with hands you have to make so many perfect motions of manipulation to meet the ball it is cramping and so on. You are also what they call reverse pivoting, basically because of your take-a-way you are not shifting your weight from left to right, your shift on a topped ball is most definately right foot take-a-way to left foot finish. So, lengthen your take-a-way, and shift your weight from right foot at top of swing to left foot on follow-through and this should and will help you for SURE! I am on tour,the Nationwide that is, working my way to the big boys, of course I have been saying that for years, anyway, use to teach at a course before I went on tour, hope this helps.

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thats weird that your teacher can't help. Sorry I don't know either.

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maybe you're being a little too quick - try to keep the same tempo through your swing and it'll be easier to square it up - also, make sure the ball is center forward not too far forward -

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get a coach dude.

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Usually topping the ball is the result of lifting up as you swing or taking your eyes off the ball to follow the trajectory before you actually make contact. I suggest (at least it woks for me) that you take practice swings until you have the swing right, which I define as ever so slightly grazing the ground, make sure you NEVER take your eyes off the position of the ball on the tee (or spot on the ground if practicing), if necessary, let your partner watch where the ball goes, and after your practice swings, step up to the ball keeping you back, arms and head in the same position which means move your feet forward as much as you move your club head forward to line up the shot. And another piece of advice --- don't try to kill it, turn your body the same speed as your club and just try and put the ball in play.

Hope it helps (if you can understand what I wrote)

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As tin cup said.LET THE BIG DOG EAT. In other words don't think so much

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you are either teeing the ball way too low or you are focusing onthe top of the ball. when they tell you to keep your eye on the ball it means where you will hit the ball at. if you are looking at the top of the ball or the front of it then you are going to top it. try looking at the very back of the ball where you are going to make contact at. just work with it and if it works email me at alot of people after i tell them that are like dang why didn't i think of that. you have to make the game as easy as you can. good luck.

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Get back to your instructor and take with you a video recorder(s) from back (nondominat side) and front (facing you), USE A TRIPOD(s). I'm very surprised your instructor cannot/is not helping you. But a video reference of your swing would provide several perspectives perhaps he/she couldn't see. Good luck.

PS The driver is usually the toughest club in the bag to hit.

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