Am I better served buying mid-quality gear new, or finding high-end gear slightly used?

I am currently playing some unknown brand irons that probably are from the late eighties, maybe mid nineties. I am planning an upgrade in the near future, but with the way technology keeps booming, it's tough to figure out what my best bet is. I play frequently enough and seriously enough to consider top of the line equipment, but how much money is a mere name really worth?


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Before you spend 1 penny on clubs, go get a club fitting so you have an idea of what you should be getting for YOUR game.

Most Pros will credit your club fitting cost towards the purchase of the clubs. (new or used)

Clubs should be fitted for your game and never should your game fit the clubs you're stuck with cause they were a "good bargain". You might find a nice set of high end blades, but if you dont have the game for blades, or bought a set fitted for someone else, they will be impossible for YOU to hit.

Most serious players look at clubs as an investment to their game.

If you shoot in the 90s or higher you probably would be best served with "game improvement" clubs like the SlingShots. Easy clubs to get in the air. You can get new game improvement clubs for $500 and they will last you a good five years before you consider getting another set.

I will always recommend buying new over used because new clubs can be custom fit for your swing (lie angle, grip size, swing speed.)

Again, please consult a club fitter and ask for a swing/club analysis. It will be $ well spent and give you insight as to where your game is and where it can be with the right clubs FOR YOU.

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When you are ready to buy I would go get back issues of Golf Magazine and Golf Digest. Get their equipment ranking issues for the past 2 or 3 years. Then go shopping for brand new among what was THE hot items during those years. As you mention the technology changes now has them on the discount rack.

You end up upgraded but you are not paying top dollar for THE hot item of the day.

Agree with the club fitting recommendation and buying whats suits your game!! Do not buy something because it was the best seller but shop and test quality clubs that will improve your game.

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buy them new, the others are probably outdated even though they are a good brand. better to start off with new so you can break them in yourself, i did it the other way and it wasn't to good.

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go with the expensive clubs the technology in them can make you better

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Don't believe every ad you read about longer, farther, straighter. Those ads are written by people who work in sales. The proof is that the most of the professional golfers can play with most any set of clubs. However, they opt for the manufacturer the provides their clubs and pays them to play them. Pretty good incentive isn't it. All of the major manufacturers make perimeter weighted irons at very reasonable prices and they are fine for the average golfer. You should be able to buy a new set of irons for $300.00 or less. Try several different models if possible and buy the set that best fits your minds eye and provides with the most positive feedback when you hit a shot. By that I mean feel and sound. Happy shopping.

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Since i am a clubmaker, my advice is to find a GOOD clubmaker that knows how to fit a golfer with the proper clubs...One advantage is that he will probably make some for you and let you TRY them first so you dont end up buying something you will be dissatisfied with later...Cheaper that way.believe me...I find no advantage by buying BRAND name irons or woods.Try them first..

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The most important thing when buying clubs is making sure they fit you. Forged clubs can be bent by a clubfitter most of the time to accommodate your height, arm length, etc., but if you buy cast clubs, to the best of my knowledge, you're out of luck. How do you know what clubs will bend? Most of the time, if you put a magnet up to the clubhead and the magnet sticks than they're forged and you can bend them. Have fun playing golf!

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