36in is how many yards?


Club sticker removal?

36 inches is 1 yard because there is 36 inches in every 1 yard

How do you go about making varsity on the golf team?


Taylormade r7tp irons?

1 yard

Cancel question asked today re regulations and rules of golf course. I have found answer?

12 inches=1 foot

3 feet=1 yard

Therefore, 36 inches=1 yard.

How many golf balls are made a year? and how much does it cost to manufacture one golf ball?

A single yard, just 1. Three feet to a yard, too. 12 inches in a foot. 1760 yards in a mile and an astonishing 5280 feet in that same mile. Shockingly, 63360 inches in a mile! However, 39.3701 inches in a meter. 1000 meters in a kilometer. Much simpler...

Driving Range Mats?

1 yard

Cowboy golf?


Need info about the pgagolf tournament this week about winning a buick if tiger woods wins the tournament?

1 yard in my book

Golf how do u play?


Where can I get a disc golf retrieving pole or hook??

ditto 1 yd = 36 inches everywhere in the world

How do you correct your golf swing, if you "push" the ball to the right?


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