★ I wanna join golf team in my high school, but i don't know how to play golf//★?

Question:I'm 14-year-old girl. I'm freshman .

I wanna join golf team in my high school,
but i don't know how to play golf.

SO, can I join golf team although I don't know how to play golf?

plz answer my question !!


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of course!
thats exactly what i did this year
im also a freshmen, and i made the team :)

i had only been playing for about 2 months when i made it

if you have never played you have some seriouss workk to do thoughh, and lessons help a lott, expessially if u have no idea what your doing and the driving range=your friend

but honestly it depends on your school, if the team is really good, i would practice alllllll year, then try out next year

so ask some of the sophs, and juniors about the team and see if you have a chance of making it with your skills

but most importanly practicepracticepractice :D

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you sjould try out golf first so u can learn how to play and then go join the team

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Golf is a complicated sport with a lot of terms and conditions! Many people are not good in golf! Go out there and try! High School teams always need more players!

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im not so sure how other schools do it, but where i go we have a seriously strict golf team. onyl a handful make it, and they're really good. i tried out and im alright at golf, but i was slicing and hooking friggin everything at tryouts. and i fell in the lake while trying to get at my ball. nedless to say i didnt make it. but get your dad to take u out golfing a few times and show u the ropes before u just try out. its hard and takes a lot of learning and patience. oh and keep in mind that if you make it, tournaments are held rain or shine. the only way theyll cancel a round is if theres lightning. even if its raining 3 inches an hour. and u have to walk all courses, and haul your own bag. but its fun!

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Talk to the coach, if he/she won't let you in ask if they'll teach you to play on the side so you can join.

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I think it is possible but you need to take a lot of lessons, practice a lot, and learn from coaches and teammates. I am on the golf team at my school in MA and i don't have the geeatest coach but I took a lot of lessons a widdled my handicap down to 11. Good luck with making the team it is a lot of fun.

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Practice...see if you can join the practice squad to get a feel for the game before you go out for the real team.

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it depends on how competitive it is.either way, i woudl advise playing for a year and going out for your sophmore year

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I want to answer your question but I don't know how to type.

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I suggest to find lessons or something. Does anyone at your school you know play golf well? If so, Ask them if they can teach you.

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It probably depends on the size of the school. Larger high schools are often very competitive when it comes to making the team.

Take up golf now and try out next year.

- Jim at http://www.mygolfdomain.com

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