What was the very first golf instruction book?


What do you think of the golf set I'm getting?

The first book of golf instruction can be firmly dated to this period, with the publication in 1857 of A Keen Hand, by H. B. Farnie.


"The Golfer's Manual", by "A Keen Hand" (H.B. Farnie), is published. It is the first book on golf instruction.

What do yellow stakes and red stakes mean in golf?

Walter Travis, "Practical Golf"

I am a beginner playing golf, which brand and model of golf clubs should I buy?

I believe it was the worlds first paperback titled:

"Golf...and other four letter words that might get you divorced or brought before the inquesition!"

How do you compute a golfer's handicap or handicap index?

Tiger Wood's "How I play Golf". great book to start off with.

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