Anyone like playing golf?

i do


Find me kurt geiger merchandise in UAE ?

Yes, but I like helping people learn how to play more than I like to play

What is the minimum handicap required to play in an open?

i like miniature golf it s fun

Who will be the top 4 players in this years Masters Golf tournament?


Even more sex..?

use to when i was able to ,but sadly no more

Where or who makes a short- sleeve golf shirt with the left sleeve shorter than the right one?

I go out to the course with the best intentions of having fun, but when I hit my first tee shot 150 yds into the woods, the anger sets in. Soon I am trying to murder the ball with every swing, and my shots rarely go in the direction I had hoped, and by the ninth hole I am ready to throw all my clubs into the lake and give up golf forever. Somehow I slog it through to the eighteenth and without fail I make some nice shots and par or even birdie the last hole, ensuring that I will be back for more torture next weekend. Golf is a cruel, vicious game, not for the faint of heart.

Will stiff shafts on my irons give me a lower trajectory and more distance?

Yup I do.
But I never seem to get a chance.

What is the difference between golf irons and hybrids?

yupps i do.

How Many Hours Did Tiger Woods Practice?

yup on the golf team

Can you golf in Canadian national parks?

well H**l yes

With a 24 handicap how many shots do you get on each hole before you pick up?

Yes, but it's too expensive. I would rather cycle for free.

Is there a differance in lead acid deep cycle batteries?

I always wear two pair of pants when I play golf.

How many points would a hole in one on a par 5 earn using the Stableford scoring system?

I like to think that I was doing so well in my side jobs that I quit my 9-5 to focus on them, but I think that I actually just really fell in love with the game of golf and I wanted to take lessons and play all the time. I've been playing for about 10 months, been taking lessons for 9, and been playing nonstop since I quit my 9-5. I guess you can say I like it a little.

How much r golf balls?

I would like to learn someday.

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