Analysis of different shaft types and constructions currently available.?


Do anyone know/think that happy gilmore is based on john daly? any ideas?

The key is finding the shaft that works best for you. The best way to do that is at a demo day with a club fitter. You can find out when one will be in your area by going to the company webstie. They will have a Demo Day search area to help you.

Here are some should help :: PGA Director of Instruction Rick Martino says having the correct golf shaft is crucial

Do they do something to golf balls to make them easier to see?

With not knowing exactly what it is that you are wanting Analyze in a golf shaft, you might try this site;
They are pretty good with breaking things down definitions of each and why when it pertains.
The other thing is they can point you hopefully to other places for each one that is available so you can do the analysis you are looking for.
good luck.

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