Ok, I am in need of a website that enables me to better understand the golf swing. Please share if you know?

Question:of one. Thanks.

PS...I am really in need of finding my drive swing. The last time I played I couldn't keep my drives in the fairway. Today, at the range, I only hit low hook drives that didn't go very far. Its like I have totally lost my swing. I am a 16 handicapper so I do understand golf things fairly well--this situations just baffles me. Help if you can. THANKS.


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This is a site I’ve seen and it helped me a lot. I dropped my handi from 13 to 9 and I've been hitting more fairways and GIR.


Try learning a rotary swing; it’s easier to learn than a traditional golf swing. No timing needed in transition coz ur always in plane; not a lot of weight shift. Just look at Tiger's new swing, looks awesome. That's the difference between great golfers and ok golfers, the transition of putting the club back on plane on the downswing. But if ur already on plane, all u gotta do is swing as hard as you can and crush it.. J

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golf is game that needs practice, obviously you are practicing, i would watch the golf channel. if u don't have it ... get it. I'm 3 hdcp and I've gone thru spells like the one ur in. just stay with it, try the 3 wood , shorten ur swing a little , make a change somewhere.

I'm always tinkering with my swing all the time, and so does every good golfer. good luck

Anybody have any golf driving tips or any other tips like putting chipping long , mid ,short, irons tips ?

Look at this website, I just got from my prof.
Hope this help.

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you might want to try.



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Go to www.pga.com improve your game section. It breaks everything down with pictures and video

How do they film the overhead shots at golf tournaments?

Look for the book "swing like a pro" it does a really good job of detailing the swing by averageing a bunch of pros' swings. Also, gives some good drills and details the footwork for golf nicely.

The Ben Hogan books are also a good start.

I have not seen any great sites that completely detail the swing. Just bits and pieces here and there and that will really mess up a game fast.

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go to GOOGLE and ask the question about the best golf swing..there are many choices for you..also you can just look at the Yahoo golf and get instructions..but I would look at GOOGLE first..and find what "you" want to look at..

I'm trying to locate a foundry that specializes in making golf clubs.?

Here is a golf school that has some great golf tips. They have video, animation and other types of golf tips.


Hope this helps

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