12 on a par three - how did Joe do it?

Par 3 , 109 yards, over water, into a strong wind. Joe LaRose of Canada shot a 12. How can someone be that bad?


Is the Nike Sasquatch Driver a good club?

just luck

What do you think of the shorts the LPGA women wear? Do you think they are stylish for a 25 year old woman?

Maybe golf is not for him

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Well, the water has a lot to do with it. Get the ball wet and you're hitting 3.

It's harder to make par on most par 3's than on most par 5's. They may be short but they tend to be well protected and have small, difficult greens.

Most commom fault ?

12 is a great score for a Canadian

The X-460 10 degree or the 9.5?

He is a GENIUS golfer.

Where are frisbee golf stores in portland oregon?

1st shot: Well, you top a shot in the water, happens to most people.

3rd shot: Another one in the drink.

5th shot: Splash!

7th shot: Misses the green by 20 yards.

8th shot: Pitches up close to the green, but not on.

9th shot: Skulls chip over other side of green.

10th shot: Finally chips on the green.

11th shot: Putts to two feet away.

12th shot: Drains it!

It's not that complicated.

!!!!!!!RIP COPIED ME!!!!

Does anyone have contact details (preferably a phone no.) for Ryder Cup Europe LLP?

He missed his putt for an eleven!

What is the year of my harley davidson golf cart seral #3b17111j0?

Not as bad as that guy in japan who shot a 19 on a par 3. They didnt say the name because he might have sued from embarassment lol

How come Pine Valley Golf Club which is ranked the #1 on America's 100 Greatest Courses. Never hosted a major

You can be a decent golfer and have a bad hole.
My handicap is 15. I once had a 13 on a par 3 over water.
my first 5 shots were short or offline and landed in the water, my sixth shot landed on the green then I 2 putted.
The next time I played that hole, I birdied it, go figure.
This is a home course for the Bob Hope Classic that is played by the PGA professional.

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