Anybody out there using a Slazenger K1 driver??

And does it hit as far as the adverts say?


New Drivers from Nike, Taylormade, or Titleist?

I tried one at the driving range and I didn't like the balance, it just didn't feel right, and it was a new demo club.. But really drivers are very personal as far as use.. a driver someone swears on can not work for you and vice versa. Try to find a range that has demo clubs and try it..


All right golf buffs. How do you play your tee shot on windy days? Do you play the next club up to the hole?

My mate has one , he has a 10.5 degree and he can`t get it up in the air, good in summer when it will run a long way, he says he does`nt think it will go as far as his taylor made though.

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