About how much grip tape would I need to regrip 10 clubs?

I'm thinking about regripping my clubs myself because it would be a lot cheaper than having somebody do it for me, but I don't know how much grip tape I would need. I don't want to get halfway through and run out.


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One roll will be enough

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Grip tape comes in two widths 3/4 in & 2in. I would suggest the 2 in. You usually buy the tape on a roll and cut it to length, figure about 10 inches of tape per club. Thus, if you are regripping 14 clubs approximately 12 feet of tape.

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They sell regripping kits. You slice off your old grips, apply an adhesive and slide on your new grip. The grip slide down the shaft of the club therefore, you'd just have to buy 10 of those instead of worrying about how much tape to buy.

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what they said

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