Any advice for a beginner golfer?

I will be purchasing a very basic 16 piece golf set this month and will be heading out to the driving range for the first time. It will be my first time swinging an actual golf club and wanted to hear any advice or pointers from the pros what i might need to know or do since i'm like a sponge ready to learn. I will be going to the range with a friend who plays in amateur tournaments but I still would like to hear from others any techniques or pointers i should keep in mind when learning. Thanks!


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for a beginner my advice would be mostly to relax. the golf swing isn't about muscle. its about fluidity. don't grip too hard. on a scale of 1-10, i'd say make it about a 4 or 5. don't try to kill the ball. learn the proper grip, posture and set-up. if any of these are off you don't give yourself as good a chance to hit consistently. practice practice practice, don't give up on yourself. you are your own worst enemy. and try this...
take a golf club backwards and swing it back and forth slowly at first. then faster. then try to make that whoosh noise. you want that whoosh sound to come at the bottom of you swing. thats when your swing is the fastest and you want that to happen right where the ball would be. Sorry for typing so much, i just love getting people into golf. Good luck!

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I've only been golfing once, but I shot a 59 (its was on a front 9, where par was 27). Just don't get to frustrated, I thought golf would be a lot easier than it was, I knew it was going to be hard, just not as hard as it proved to be

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Take lessons. At least two to learn the right grip and basic swing. After you become better at driving range, take more lessons on strategy and putting.

Play, play and play. its all about practice.

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Find your comfort swing. Don't try to kill the ball on the drive. You might get lucky and hit it hard, but also you might hit the ball on the wrong spot of the club. It takes a while to find what your comfort swing is, yet once you do, try to remember and use it every time.

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Have fun. I started playing last year and almost gave it up because of playing with people that were too good. Then I went out and played nine holes by myself. It was relaxing and it was FUN. Then I took my 8yr old out and let him bang around for nine holes. That was the highlight of my year.

Just remember to not try and compete with people that have played a while. Just go have fun.

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Do yourself a favor, and get a lesson or two before you develop some bad swing habits. Very few people will have any idea how to hold a club, how to align your body, etc. etc. without some good advice to start. If you can, find a copy of Ben Hogan's book "How I Play Golf". It was written about 50 years ago, but it's still good.

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yea, heres some advice: keep your eye on the ball. this is the only way you will make contact with the ball. Second: swing easy. swinging hard is only making the club-face less straight. Third: concentrate and focus. Getting distacted is a very easy thing to do in golf, and if you focus, you will probably hit a better shot. Fourth: Get a lesson from a pro at a club. this is the only way to get better. You cannot get better by just "getting the hang of it".Fifth: DO NOT GET MAD! I am a golfer, i have been for 7 years. and i've learned my lessons. Golf is a sport, and sports are meant for enjoyment. If you say to a golfer "i think i'll try golf", they will probably say "you're crazy". Golf is the most frusterating sport ever invented, trust me on that one. Sixth: Have fun. Once again, golf is a sport, and it was created so people could have fun.

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Take lessons before you establish bad habits!

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Take a lesson. Chip and pitch...CONSTANTLY.

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yeah... just get used to swinging a club while maintaining your posture. Also I notice that many beginners don't use their lower body at all so keep the legs always in play. Keep your head in the same position all the way through the swing until the very end, swing through the ball, not at the ball... your friend should say a bunch of things too.

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as others have said first have fun and relax when playing, tense muscles can ruin a swing. Also get some lessons or go to a clinic, a local driving range has a golf clinic where about 8-10 people work on their game and get some pointers from a pro. also try to get fitted with your new clubs, can be a little pricy to do, but well worth the investment. Also work just ashard on putting and chipping, these type of shots are what they call the scoring shots. hope this helps and welcome to the game.

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take some lessons, ask questions to ur friend and practice a lot

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First, just have fun. Golf is a great sport that you can enjoy your entire life. So don't take it too serious at first and have fun. Second, learn golf etiquette. Be sure to let faster players play through,etc. As far as the actual swing, I would play a few rounds then go get a lesson. Everyone has their own unique swing, so it's best that you learn your swing and then correct the mistakes from there. Too often people start out with lessons and get frustrated with the results. So just have fun and enjoy the surroundings.

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Slow down!

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