Anyone else think Michelle Wie is WAY overated?


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She is a very talented young player, but I think she has been praised and praised way too much. She hasn't won a tournament since turning pro, she hasn't made a cut on the PGA men's tour (which she shouldn't be allowed to enter), and she seems to fold under pressure.

She is rated no. 13 in the February 5th Women's world rankings:

But I think that may be inflated. She was as high as 3rd in the world rankings in Feb of 2006 (see below link, 2006 section). That was a very controversial ranking as it was the first release of the year. She did finish in the top-5 in a couple tourneys in '06, but has yet to seal the deal and get her first win as a pro.

She has been christened as the next "Tiger Woods of Women's golf," but that is simply ridiculous. Just look at Annika Sorenstam. She has won 69 LPGA tournaments, including 10 majors. She may very well be the most accomplished women golfer of all time. Heck, she even shot a 59 in a professional tournament! Now that's amazing.

So before people go on touting Wie, I think they should respect the people who have already established themselves as the best women's golfers in the world. Not just a young gun who hasn't even won.

In short, yes, she is WAY overrated.

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WAAAAAAAAAAAY overrated. I think its just out of control how overrated she really is. She sucks.

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Yes...she is definitely overrated. A lot of the hype she receives is based on her younger amateur results and POTENTIAL. Sadly, all of this losing on the men's tour will at some point affect her confidence. And all of us who play any sport know, confidence is everything.

One thing, though. Don't forget, she is probably better at her job (drawing crowds; entertaining) than you are at yours.

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She was over promoted,she has a lot of talent and should be left alone.

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In the mens game,,,way, way, way over-rated. Her folks ought to be ashamed. Shes a woman, she should be playing with the woman. She may just win one. She can't even make the cut with the men but her Daddy and Mommy just don't get it. Shame, Shame to waste all that talent where she can't compete.

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I 'm not sure if she's over-rated..probably is at this time. Her big problem is her "advisors". She needs to compete with other women to regain the confidence she displayed a couple of years ago. Right now, her confidence is being destroyed week by week by getting into competition over her head. I'd like to see an old pro, like Nancy Lopez, take Michele under her wing and give her some good advice.

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You are talking about a 16 year old girl here. She's going to be a fine player and she just happens to be the best 16 year old girl playing now. Give the kid a break. She'll find her legs and show what she's got. While she hasn't won in the LPGA yet, she's had some impressive finishes. Let her mature, let her game mature and she'll be fine.

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i hate her.

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I don't.

I think she's way, way, way overrated.

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NO; but Morgan Pressel and Natalie Gulbis are.

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No, but she isn't going about training the right way. Pretty much she has little to nothing grounding her. She seems pretty immature overall.

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She's still young, everyone knows that Wie is struggling right now, and it will take her more time before she really starts doing well.
Her results against the women are pretty well, and if you saw a picture of her at the sony open last month, she seemed to have some minor injuries, so she didn't stand a chance against the men.
Not long ago I would agree to this question, but the expectations have dropped for now, so she's not really overated anymore.

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Yes I do.

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i think that shes not overated but because she is still in school so she must focus in school. she enters PGA Tour not because she wants to win it ot make the cut or anything but she wants to practice with the men and be underpressure.

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Yes, she is overrated and PGA events should stop wasting the sponsor's exemptions on her.

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her playing ability is way overrated. she was marketed as the female coming of tiger woods. whatever. she needed to learn to win like tiger did as an amatuer before going pro. whatever tho, she's rich now it doesn't matter. her playing is overrated, but her looks, def not. she's pretty hot.

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Yes and over paid

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Yes, all i have to say is Tadd Fujikawa is a straight up balla

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Her problem is she never learned how to win...She never really played on the Junior Circuit and never really established herself on the LPGA Tour...Overrated? Yes

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I totally think she is overrated... Just because she is sixteen and can play professional golf doesn't mean that she is #1. People think now that she is better than Annika Sorenstam. She just isn't top in professional golf, but now that she is going to Stanford I think she will be a great asset to that golf team.

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