1998 ford taruars. when it idles to 0 it shuts off?


Which "sport" is better?

this is the golf section try the car section brainiac

Does anyone play college golf if so where? And how do you like it?

Idle can be adjusted. Do you want to do it yourself? There is a nut on the gas line wire that controls the idle in most car. I am not sure about the specific name for it. If you are not comfortable, look at the service manual of your car or consult a mechanic.

Does billerica, MA country club regrip clubs?

Its probably shocked at the price of gas.(:

Have you checked your gas/fuel filter? Maybe it needs some carb/fuel injection or gas treatment when you fill it up.

Central florida golf coures?

If it is fuel injected, it could be a bad fuel pump. Same thing happened to my old car (Ford).

Golf gadget - what is it called and where can I find it?

what bruce and money said

I need help on putting can you help( like on reading breaks, speed, putts.?

fuel pump or carburetor - interesting golf question

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