How many of you are supporting me in the US Open?


My 8 year old daughter is learning to play golf. What are some good resources?

Well, Phil.If that's really who you are, I am more than pleased to inform you that you have one huge fan right here, and I'll be watching with never ending exhilarated anticipation! I wish I had your "swing" Good luck!

Is there a proper way to arrange the clubs in a golf bag?

Seen lots.

Whats the easiest way to straighen out your drive in golf?

No, I am for Furyk and Dave Duval

What is the best way to make proper progress with golf?

I am Phil! I know you ain't Phil. If you are I want to know where I can get a Ford shirt like you have.

How can I effectively work on bunker shots?

dun like golf...watched it once fell asleep after 10 min...but since tigers gone ill support you

How to correct my swing?


Can anyone explain to me why I always seem to play the front nine better then the back nine on any course?

I would if you'd stop playing to beat Tiger! Once you do that, I'll support you!

What was the very first golf instruction book?

Yeh, why not?

If you do get a chance to be interviewed after your win, please ask the commentators why they refer to the US Open Championship in their commentary as "The Open Championship" and the real "Open Championship" as the "British" ?

Tiger wood buick giveaway?


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