Golf is the most boring sport to watch,right? ;) No? Then,could you tell me what do you like about it?

Thank you for sharing!:)


How far did an early master golfer with a huge drive drive the ball?

Okay, here's the thing... Yes, on the face of it, golf would appear to be dead boring to watch. But there is beauty in this very fact. I only tend to watch the four majors and when I do, I thoroughly enjoy the experience. Why? Because after a long work week, what could be nicer than having a pleasant nap on the couch? lol...

Seriously, ever since I was a little kid, I can recall my father watching golf and sacking out on the couch. I never imagined I'd do the same when I was an adult (we couldn't be more different in most respects) but it really can be quite relaxing to watch -- and nod off to -- golf on television. Like most things in life, it's more fun to actually play it yourself but when it comes to televised sports, nothing can compare to golf in terms of relaxing you almost to the point of being comatose. lol...

Seriously, when I watch hockey, football (American), football (soccer), Formula 1, tennis, etc., I am usually alert and excited by the events on my TV screen. But with golf, ahhhhhh, it's relaxation time -- and if I'm lucky, naptime. I love golf! ;-)

I am looking for an interior golf practice placefor the winter on the South Shore of Montreal i.e. Granby etc

You have to understand how hard it is to play golf in order to respect the players and be able to watch it. Usually I'll only watch golf during the big tournaments though.

I believe that game improvement clubs actually do more harm than good. Anyone here have that issue?

I like the fairway shots. ._.

Cheapest golf course in new york city area?

i hate it too

Why not call the Byrun Nelson golf tournament "THE BYRUN NELSON MEMORIAL GOLF TOURNAMENT"?

Golf is a sport that requires a lot of skill and finese and I respect that. As far as playing it that's ok but I can't sit down and watch it all day.

Golf sucks?

walking is healthy
a long time to be ocupied ,and it is an informal surrounding to discuss business
and a lot of business is conducted on golf courses
this was always the main attraction for business people
the opertunities it presents,to have someones attention for several hours

What should i do about my golf clubs?

I like it when it takes them ten shots to get out of a sandtrap,and when the sand sprays back into their face. It's a hoot!

What is a good golf driver for a reasonable price, and why?

No, the most boring sport to watch is soccer. Golf, however, can be boring to watch when the players are struggling.

How does a golf handicap affect each hole? i'm a beginner with an unofficial handicap of 38?

Once you try to play golf and see how difficult it is to make shots and keep your cool under pressure, then you'll appreciate it.

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