I am a 62 year old golfer who plays 2 or 3 rounds a week. Yesterday, on The 12 th tee I noted a sharp pain?

in my lower right rib cage. Although it didn't hinder my game or swing it hurts. Most noticibly when I try to fix a divit or place my ball on a tee. Anyone ever experience this type of pain and is there any remedies. Thanks.


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Im 33 and I have had that pain before so dont fret your age. Its most likely a pulled muscle. Even though you play often, you could have swung the club differently and used a muscle you dont use very much causing you to pull a muscle. That happens to me quite often because I dont stretch as I should. Devote at least 10-15 min. to stretch before a round or practice session. You arent 22 anymore so your muscles have to be awake before they get into action. I anit preaching because I need to do the same. If your condition persisit, please see a doc!

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I suggest that you may have a slight hernia, and may want to get looked at.

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You might have cracked a rib. Give it some rest and if not getting better in a week, see a doctor

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could have pulled a muscle around the rib cage. give it a week or 2 before u hit the links again. and remember to stretch

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